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Howcast - How To Roast a Perfect Chicken - Everybody loves roast chicken. It\'s probably the number one comfort food out there. And you can take comfort in knowing it\'s incredibly easy to make. - How To Roast a Perfect Chicken

2.90 Mins
Updated: 2/21/09 12:17:04 P
Rating: 4.83
Views: 10,847

Howcast - How To Remove Meat From a Lobster - Cracking a lobster can take a little work, but it\'s worth it to get to that warm, tender lobster meat. - How To Remove Meat From a Lobster

2.10 Mins
Updated: 2/21/09 12:17:22 P
Rating: 4.58
Views: 11,527

Howcast - How To Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk - It’s hot. You’re hungry. You’ve got nothing better to do. Why not fry an egg on the sidewalk! - How To Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

1.53 Mins
Updated: 2/21/09 12:17:54 P
Rating: 4.70
Views: 17,403

Howcast - How to Make Sushi - You may think sushi is just raw fish, but you\'d only be half right.  It\'s actually the combination of fish and rice -- and how it\'s combined is an art form in itself. - How to Make Sushi

2.55 Mins
Updated: 2/21/09 12:18:02 P
Rating: 4.73
Views: 312,551

Howcast - How To Grill a Perfect Burger - Be the King (or Queen) of the backyard barbecue this year by grilling the ultimate hamburger. - How To Grill a Perfect Burger

2.53 Mins
Updated: 5/25/09 9:29:02 A
Rating: 4.528
Views: 44,466

cookingupastory - Biodynamic Vineyard - On the surface, the practice of medicine—both the traditional and non-traditional approaches—would seem to have little in common with the growing of grapes. For Dr. Robert Gross, there is a strong connection between his training as a medical doctor, a

5.87 Mins
Updated: 6/14/09 9:19:51 P
Rating: 4.44736
Views: 77,050

cookingupastory - Monastery Mustard - From a very old family recipe, that remains a closely guarded secret, this mustard is hand-made by the Benedictine Sisters at Queen of Angels Monastery. The proceeds help feed a small community of local homeless people, and migrant families.

4 Mins
Updated: 2/8/09 7:09:35 P
Rating: 4
Views: 47,749
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